Man threatens fast-food worker with gun over a sauce packet

A 35-year-old man went to a fast food restaurant in Gastonia, North Carolina, and ordered a meal at the drive-thru.  He requested a packet of BBQ sauce when he got to the window and the worker told him it would cost more, about 30 cents more.  He got upset and refused to pay the 30 cents. He proceeded to sit there for 20 minutes while people in line behind him waited.

He then pulled out a gun and started threatening the employees with it.  The employees closed the drive-thru window and called 911. The man then began looping the parking lot in his car, taunting the employees to come outside so he could shoot them.

When police arrived, he was arrested and it was also found that the gun he was waving around was stolen.  He is facing charges of communicating a threat and possessing a stolen handgun.