Illinois American Water to begin seasonal hydrant flushing around Streator

STREATOR – Illinois American Water has announced they will be flushing water mains and fire hydrants in the Streator area over the next few weeks until mid October. Streator, Ancona, Dana, Kangley, Leonore, Longpoint, Ransom and Reading will see crews sending a rapid flow of water through the water mains. They say this process helps remove any natural sediment which can build up in water pipes over time. As part of the flushing program, fire hydrants are tested and operated to support fire protection in the community. While the flushing program is underway, customers may experience a temporary drop in water pressure or draw some discolored water for a short period of time. If this does occur, it is recommended that you let the cold water run clear before using it again and refrain from doing laundry during that time.