DeKalb has second day of peaceful marches ruined by rioters

5/31/20 – Studstill Media Photo

DEKALB- A day after a peaceful march in DeKalb to protest the death of a black man in police custody in Minnesota, police were racing from location to location Sunday night.   According to authorities, after a march through parts of the northwest side of the city, a few people not interested in protest turned to vandalism and burglary.  DeKalb police were investigating so many reports of forced entry around 6 PM that they issued an unprecedented city wide shelter in place order and asked all businesses to close.

5/31/20 Studstill Media Photo

DeKalb alderman Carolyn Morris said Pastor Joe Mitchell, a prominent leader in the black community spoke out about these acts of violence after they began Sunday night.

Multiple police cars were seen at many retailers throughout the city, and by midnight most of those groups causing trouble had dissipated.   Near the intersection of Hillcrest and Anne Glidden, broken glass from bottles taken from a nearby liquor store still littered the parking lot.   The city placed construction barricades up on some side streets and business parking lots to help contain onlookers and those who may have other intentions.

“The African-American community is pissed, and rightfully so” Morris said Sunday night.