Rezin vocal about Dems pushing through budget

SPRINGFIELD- The budget headed to the desk of Governor J.B. Pritzker is an over $40 billion dollar plan that relies on Federal spending to make ends meet, but Republican State Senator Sue Rezin was vocal about the Democrats plan pushed through on Saturday.

“I could not support the budget that the Democratic majority pushed through the General Assembly. The budget spends nearly $43 billion and relies heavily on massive borrowing and hope that the federal government will bail the state out with another stimulus package, which is no guarantee.” the Morris GOP member said in a statement.

Governor Pritzker had a different reaction.

“The budget the General Assembly has sent to my desk today recognizes that massive economic disruption leads to difficult decisions.” the first term Democrat noted.

Rezin also railed against an automatic pay raise that was not rolled back.

“Democrat lawmakers also showed a shocking lack of awareness as they failed to take action to prevent yet another pay increase during the same month our state’s unemployment rate reached a record high. Lawmakers send the wrong type of message to their constituents by passing a pay increase during a global pandemic.”

The raise for lawmakers is around $1,800 per year in a state with over 16% unemployment.